Me while coding: Hmmm... this isn't what I expected this piece of code to do.
Me 1 second later: Wait, what do I want this piece of code to do? *confused about why I even wrote the code in the first place*

A public request for comments, any good discourse welcome.

Content warning: UX/UI thoughts on simplicity vs complexity:

Click to open/closeA UI should present the task with all of it's complexity in an as simple manner as possible.
Any UI that reduces the complexity of the task is a failure in UX design.

Am I missing something?

Perhaps unpopular and unconventional opinion of problems of peer review in science and academia:

Click to open/closeWorks published only in for profit journals inevitably have a conflict of interest and should be regarded as problematic for that reason. It also inhibits proper peer review. If a work can't be freely accessed and referred* to it shouldn't be regarded as a serious contribution to the scientific community.

* A reference to a work that isn't freely available is also highly problematic.


Enjoying some tea on the train.

Igalia is looking for a systems administrator, they particularly welcome candidates from under-represented groups. #sysadmin #womenintech
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