This was the weirdest project I've listened to in a while. Pretty damn good though!

Señor Coconut - El Baile Aleman (A Latin Tribute to Kraftwerk)

The internet: A global, borderless world of its own where you have to keep explaining to people that you're not an American.

I found this very useful:

"How to be a good white ally, according to activists

Three experts on what it does and doesn’t mean to be an ally, now and always."

This thread is full of gold.

I can't do a lot of thinking or working lately. The circumstances don't allow it.

But I can't help but be bothered by the internet finding yet another of Martin Luther King Jr's quotes to say what they want him to say.

Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout


A short break with some tea.
Looks like Hökensås actually,
It's Trylen at the border of the Rudan nature reserve. But Hökensås is beautiful as well.
Rudan looks very nice! I have never been there thou.

I actually grew up in Hökensås, and that picture really looked like Norra Englandssjön 😀
Rudan is far from the nicest nature reserve, but it's very accessible if you live in Stockholm. I had 4 hours between work, so I took a short trip to satisfy my two strongest withdrawal syndromes - that for tea and that for nature.
Bor precis bredvid Rudan, så bjuder gärna på kaffe om du någonsin tar dig dit 😀
Bor på andra sidan Sverige faktiskt, men är jag i närheten så slänger jag iväg en toot 😀
orbifx mastodon (AP)
are you interested?

We already have a group for vegans:

Are you part of the XR?

Btw you should all know about Rhizomatica, a really cool organisation that uses # technology to help communities build their own networks. #
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